Friday, January 29, 2016

My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper

The sister's keeper is about this normal couple wanting to start a family. So, the have a son and  later have a healthy girl. At a young childhood age Kate started to get sick a lot. Then they discovered that Kate has cancer. She is going to need surgery's to battle the cancer. But no one in the family had a blood match to Kate. So they have a third baby,named Anna, for that matter to use her blood and for surgery's. The parents would have her go through any surgery's to keep her alive. Anna had multiple surgery's where she missed so much school also she can't do any sports or anything that can hurt her. Anna wants to press charges on her parents so she can be free from surgery's. She win's the battle but her sister didn't win her battle.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The 100

The 100 Series 
You may think this is going to be a boring timed show but it's not. The 100 is a series about Earth our planet that got nuclear bombed, something like that. So, they took about 1000 or more people in space. They lived up there to 97 years. The people of the Arch, the space ship, realized they are running out of oxygen. They gave the prisoner's another chance by going down to Earth and seeing if it is safe to live on. But the kick is that they have no communication to the arch and them. When they got there that it's safe to breathe and live on. Everyone, the prisoner's, went a little crazy and wants them to follow there rules. A lot of people is getting killed. It's been week or two and the Arch cannot get a hold of the people on earth. So they ended up killing about 200 people for more oxygen. Those people were the parents of the kids (Prisoner's) on Earth. They did it for them. 
Season 2 stopped and Season 3 doesn't come out until tonight January 21, 2016. More to come up coming weeks.

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Pregnancy Project

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The Pregnancy Project
First off this is based off a true story. The story starts out with teenage and her friends. Gaby Rodriguez (Alexa Vega) needs to find a senior project to do. After putting thought to it she figures out what to do. Alexa Wanted to find out what its like to be pregnant. So she fakes a pregnancy. Then she told two teachers, mother, boyfriend, and one best friend. They kept it a secret for 8-9 months. The ones that knew had a notebook and wrote down everything they hear out Alexa, but to find out everyone was turning against her.There is this one girl that she is friends with that is actually pregnant. That girl was telling Alexa how stressful it is and how she doesn't know where too get the money to support the child. Also, the girl got kick out of her home so she is scared every night where her and the baby with live at. At the end of the 8 or 9 months Alexa reveals her fake pregnancy with a presentation to the whole school. But she didn't realize on how mad/upset her friends with be or teachers and students.