Friday, February 19, 2016

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6
Big hero 6 is about these two smart brothers with a mom to live with. The older brother went to this big school where they create inventions. He was trying to get his little brother to go to this school. So the younger brother has to create and invention to get in the school and created something like a robotic figure to help others. Then after the event the older brother died that night in a fire. It crusher the younger brother, Hiro. All Hiro does is sit in his room not live nor eat food. He stopped making robots. But, one day he turns on his brothers new robot he mad and the robot is a helper. The robots name is hero. Hero is a robot to help who is in need, mentally and physically. Hero helps hiro with the loss of his brothers death. Then at the end of the movie he finds a video of his brother of how many times he recreated big hero 6.
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