Saturday, February 27, 2016


It starts out a brother and a sister getting ready for school. The girl name is Sam. Sam's dad left her mom a while back. Then it skips on back to them getting ready for school. It is also Sam's birthday. Her mother bought her a laptop for her to be a writer. Her friends came over and they set her up a facebook like account. Then later on her Facebook got hacked and it said really dirty things. But to find out it was her brother and his friend. Sam likes this guy but her friend hates him. So she starts talking to the guy then one day another guy message her. To find out he put a status saying that she gave him stds. But sam never slept with him. So people at school starts cyberbully and bullying her. It goes on to far that she toys to commit suicide. She called but ends up getting better. She soon goes back too school and she stand up for herself and confronts the bully.
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