Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Schindler's List

Schindler's List
Schindler's list goes all the way back to 1939 when the Nazis took over the Jews. In the beginning it introduced a guy named Oskar Schindler. Mr. Schindler was at a restaurant type with the Nazis. He was buying all them drinks and giving money to gain there trust. He was gain there trust to start a business. Shortly after it goes to the Jews and reality. All these scared people getting killed or pulled from there homes and stores to get on trains. To skip ahead to a scene where these smart people were building a building and a Jew went up to an officer and told them the foundation of it was wrong and needs to rebuild. The Officer order someone to shoot her even though she went through schooling and was smart. After they shot her the officer went and did what the women said. Skipping ahead to Oskar Schindler having a Jew called Stern write a list of Jews for Oskar to take to his factory that he makes pot and pans. At the end of the long list Stern said, " List of Life." At that point it hit Schindler that they all have a life just like him. So he sent the letter out to have the Jew sent to him. They load up the men then the women. The men were arrived to the right place but the women haven't arrived yet. So they soon find out they have been sent to a camp when the girls had their hair cut off and undressed to shower and dressed. The camp is where they sent them to a room and gas everyone. They are lucky because Schindler stopped them and sent them back to his factory. Later on the war ended and the Jews were free but Oskar had to flea because the police is after him and wants to hang him for his crimes for being a Nazi. 
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