Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dolphin Tale

Dolphin Tale
It all begins with a 11 year old boy name Sawyer. Him and his family is having a going away party for his older cousin Kyle. Kyle was leaving and going into the military. It is Kyle's dream. Sawyer went inside and stayed in for the whole night and Kyle left that morning. Sawyer has to go to summer school so he can move on to a different grade to pass. While going to school a man stopped him to help a Dolphin that was severely injured. So they helped the Dolphin named Winter. Sawyer was late to school. When school got over Sawyer went to the animal hospital for the ocean animals. He wanted to see how Winter was doing. Sawyer ran into a little girl named Hazel. Her father owns the building. Hazel showed where winter was before anyone could see them. Sawyer goes to the hospital everyday. Winter only gets better if Sawyer is their with. Winter's tail was so infected and bad that they had to remove it. A tailless Dolphin. Winter soon train it self to swim without a tail by swimming side to side. Later on Kyle gets home to his aunt and mother crying. They said it was Kyle, that he is hurt but coming home.Then the next seen was that he didn't come home he went to a rehab place for the military. Next scene is at the hospital. The doctor discover that the way Winter swims is effecting his spinal cord and it could kill Winter. Then Sawyer had an idea to put a fake tail on Winter like for a person that has no leg that is given a fake one. So that took several attempts and all but one failed. Hazels dad had a carnival to raise money for winter and the hospital. Now everyone is happy and Winter now can swim like any other Dolphin.
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