Friday, April 22, 2016

Parent Trap

Parent Trap
It all starts with these two younger girls going to came for the summer. One girl it from England and of one is from California. One day at camp these two girls never met each other but now they are fencing with masks on. The girl from England, Annie, won and bet Hallie. They had to shake hand so they took there masks off and they looked just alike. They for some reason hate each. They girls take their clothes, make rooms a mess and also prank each other. They soon had to room with each other in the isolation cabin. They soon start to get along and share what they like. They have so much in common.  Now they find out they are twins been separated a birth. The girls planned a crazy idea to switch places Annie goes to cali and Hallie goes to England to her mom.  They got switched and they spend a couple days together but Hallie needs to hurry home because her dad is getting marry. So she tells who she is and they her dad knew that they are coming to cali to switch the girls. The funny thing is that her dad didn't know about it. They all soon meet and they cant separate the twins. More in the movie they parents get back together and the sister a together.
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Annie and Hallie

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